Facts About Hunger

According to the 2007 census: "There are 456,321 Marylanders living at or below the federal poverty level… with almost one-third being children." (see Hunger in MD at www.mdfoodbank.org)

"… Baltimore City [represents] 19.9 percent (of this number)." (see Hunger in MD at www.mdfoodbank.org)

"9.6 percent of households in Maryland (or 1 in 10) face a constant struggle against hunger." www.nokidhungrymd.org

"207,000 children are at risk of hunger in Maryland." www.nokidhungrymd.org

"Because of the economy, because people have been out of a job for a long period of time, their normal safety nets are being strained, and we're seeing more people come to our doors." -Paula Tolson, Maryland Department of Human Resources

"The state of the economy has added to the growing numbers but it's more than that… More working people are going to food shelves… These people are not reflected in the unemployment numbers but the rising expenses in their day-to-day lives… have caused them to turn to food assistance." –Deborah Flateman, CEO Maryland Food Bank

"11.1% of families in Maryland are food insecure." www.baltimorehealth.org

"13.5% of low-income families with children in Baltimore were food insecure." www.baltimorehealth.org

"According to The Baltimore City Health Department's Community Health Survey (2009): 23% of respondents reported being concerned about not having enough food in past 30 days." www.baltimorehealth.org