Dear Fishes and Loaves Pantry,
I want to thank you for letting me participate in your pantry. After losing my job six months ago, it has been hard for me to maintain some things, but with your help and prayers overall I have been blessed.

Thank You,
Eraina, Baltimore, MD

I love everything about the pantry; the service, the attitude…I’ve always been treated very fair, I always feel welcome. Everything’s beautiful. I wish a lot of people knew more about this place. [Others] don’t do what you do. I really appreciate it.
Tonnette W., South Baltimore, MD

I think that the pantry is a blessing and has helped me a lot.
Tanya K.

I think the pantry is a good idea for you to come and get food for you and your family. Thank God. [You] made me feel real welcome. Other places I have went don’t make me feel as comfortable. Thank you, Jesus.
Jaclyn H., Baltimore, MD

I love the variety of give aways. You have things for the whole family and it’s close by. I didn’t have to travel far. You all have a nice pantry. Thank God [for] you all.

It was very helpful to my family in our time of need. The staff was really friendly and nice, very helping. This is a great place to get help.
Monet J.

I’m so grateful for this pantry. I’ve never seen anything like this. I think it is great!!!
Parniece K., Cherry Hill, Baltimore, MD

I think that [it’s] beautiful. I thank y’all for the good service that you have, and I like the way you have your pantry set up…the area is real close to my home, and I do appreciate the people that you have working here for you. Thank you very much and God bless,
Clara M., Cherry Hill, Baltimore, MD

Hi, you don’t know me. I’m Angelina. This is the first time I’ve been to Faith Tabernacle [Fishes and Loaves Pantry]. Once coming into your pantry, I felt like a kid in a candy store! I felt so blessed. Thank you. Reverend Andre, I can’t thank you enough.
Angelina S., Catonsville, MD

To the Faith Tabernacle Church [Fishes and Loaves Pantry] family,
My name is Felicia S. and I came to your food pantry…I can truly say that I went home with hope that I can make it through this month. I have been out of work for more than six months and I haven’t had an income, but to come here and get some personal and household things was such a blessing. I couldn’t thank you enough for the blessings that I have received from your church. Thank you again.
Felicia S.